• Videos provide creative solutions for caregivers in dementia care

  • 08:49

    Howard Peeling Carrots

    This wife learns to focus on her husband’s strengths.

  • 07:23

    Bathing Howard

    Wife convinces her husband, who has dementia, that he needs his bath today

  • 07:15

    Howard Brushing Teeth

    Peggy has given Howard too many directions. She is only setting Howard up for failure.

  • 09:11

    Person-Centered Care

    Delivering Person-Centered Care in a Safe Manner

  • 05:50

    CareWheel Video

    CareWheel communicates with person with dementia

  • More Dementia Journey Videos

    Mapping the passages of the Dementia Journey. The following videos, Part 1 to 6, describe the four passages that place a strong focus on the journey of the person with dementia and their family.

  • 03:57

    Wish You Were Here

    This wife navigates early stage Alzheimer's disease with her husband

  • 02:28

    Part 1: 4–T Model

    This video outlines how the 4T model help families navigate the four phases of dementia.

  • 03.29

    Part 2: Turmoil

    Turmoil is a time of extreme confusion and chaos in the long journey of dementia.

  • 03.34

    Part 3: Transformation

    Transformation is the phase where families feel liberated when they join the person with dementia in their journey.

  • 02:41

    Part 4: Transition

    Transition is a time of passage from one state or place to another; usually a transition in thinking for the family members.

  • 03.51

    Part 5: Trust

    Family members trust that the professional caregivers are adequately careing for their loved one.

  • 03.20

    Part 6: Closure

    Caregivers find themselves constantly playing “catch–up” to this new reality.