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Family Seminars

with the Person with Dementia

This presentation is designed to illustrate the concepts of communicating effectively with persons with dementia. The Personhood Model of Care will be introduced. Participants will discover new ways of communicating with their family member when they lift the disease and focus on the person.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the Living Dementia Philosophy
  • Analyze the communication process during early, middle, late stage dementia
  • Discuss communication blocks when caring for persons with dementia
  • Explore effective communication strategies with persons with dementia
  • Examine environmental factors which impact on communication
  • Utilize the Care Wheel when communicating with persons with dementia

Who Should Attend

All family members, care partners, friends and other members of the public are welcome

Course Material

Participants receive a certificate of attendance, all course hand–outs, the Living Dementia Case–Study Approach book, and a Care Wheel