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Howard Brushing Teeth

Peggy has given Howard too many directions.

Due to Howard‘s dementia he can only handle one thing at a time. Peggy has asked Howard to wash his hands, brush his teeth, and come for breakfast far too many commands. She is only setting Howard up for failure.

  • Howard Brushing Teeth Howard Brushing Teeth
    7 min 15s

Howard Peeling Carrots

This wife learns to focus on her husband’s strengths.

A wife is trying to convince her husband, who has dementia, that dinner is not yet ready. She very much wants to encourage independence in her husband.

  • Bathing Howard Bathing Howard
    8 min 48s

Bathing Howard Video

Wife convinces her husband, who has dementia, that he needs his bath today

Bathing time can be one of the most challenging times for the care partner, and one of the most frightening times for persons like Howard. Howard lives in the moment. He is not the least bit interested in bathing and is resistant to all care. Howard sees no reason for taking a bath.

  • Bathing Howard Bathing Howard
    7 min 23s

CareWheel Video

CareWheel communicates with person with dementia

What is the care wheel you might be asking yourself and why do I need it? The care wheel is a marvelous tool I have designed which is simply a circular chart containing all the information about the activities of daily living for persons with dementia.

  • CareWheel Video CareWheel Introduction
    5 min 50s


COVID-19 Friendly Model Video

Delivering Person-Centered Care in a Safe Manner

Today, as we are passing through the Covid-19 times, it has never been more critical that we care for one another. We need to think outside of the box and develop innovative strategies to assure safety for all. I would like to have a conversation with you about how to care for the person and yourself in a safe environment.

  • COVID-19 Friendly Model Video COVID-19 Friendly Model
    9 min 11s

Wish You Were Here

“Wish You Were Here” is based on a true story. Howard is in early stage Alzheimer’s disease. From the moment of diagnosis, his wife, family members and friends were thrown into a state of turmoil, struggling to understand and attach meaning to what is happening to Howard, this person they once knew.

  • Video of Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
    4 min 0s

Understanding the Dementia Journey

Mapping the passages of the Dementia Journey. The following videos, Part 1 to 6, describe the four passages that place a strong focus on the journey of the person with dementia and their family.

  • Living Dementia Video: 4T Model

    This video outlines how the 4–T model help families navigate the four phases of dementia.

    Part 1: 4T Model
    2 min 30s
  • Living Dementia Video: Turmoil

    Turmoil is a time of extreme confusion and chaos in the long journey of dementia.

    Part 2: Turmoil
    3 min 30s
  • Living Dementia Video: Transformation

    Transformation is the phase where families feel liberated when they join the person with dementia in their journey.

    Part 3: Transformation
    3 min 34s
  • Living Dementia Video: Transition

    Transition is a time of passage from one state or place to another; usually a transition in thinking for the family members.

    Part 4: Transition
    2 min 40s
  • Living Dementia Video: Trust

    Family members trust that the professional caregivers are adequately careing for their loved one.

    Part 5: Trust
    2 min 52s
  • Living Dementia Video: Closure

    Caregivers find themselves constantly playing “catch–up” to this new reality.

    Part 6: Closure
    3 min 20s