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Wish You Were Here

“Wish You Were Here” is based on a true story. Howard is in early stage Alzheimer’s disease. From the moment of diagnosis, his wife, family members and friends were thrown into a state of turmoil, struggling to understand and attach meaning to what is happening to Howard, this person they once knew.

  • Video of Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
    4 min 0s

Understanding the Dementia Journey

Mapping the passages of the Dementia Journey. The following videos, Part 1 to 6, describe the four passages that place a strong focus on the journey of the person with dementia and their family.

  • Living Dementia Video: 4T Model

    This video outlines how the 4–T model help families navigate the four phases of dementia.

    Part 1: 4T Model
    2 min 30s
  • Living Dementia Video: Turmoil

    Turmoil is a time of extreme confusion and chaos in the long journey of dementia.

    Part 2: Turmoil
    3 min 30s
  • Living Dementia Video: Transformation

    Transformation is the phase where families feel liberated when they join the person with dementia in their journey.

    Part 3: Transformation
    3 min 34s
  • Living Dementia Video: Transition

    Transition is a time of passage from one state or place to another; usually a transition in thinking for the family members.

    Part 4: Transition
    2 min 40s
  • Living Dementia Video: Trust

    Family members trust that the professional caregivers are adequately careing for their loved one.

    Part 5: Trust
    2 min 52s
  • Living Dementia Video: Closure

    Caregivers find themselves constantly playing “catch–up” to this new reality.

    Part 6: Closure
    3 min 20s