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Private Consultation

For over two decades, Gwendolyn has been an educator and advocate for our Seniors and their care partners. She is dedicated to assisting families and health care professionals in improving the quality of care delivered to persons living with dementia - both family and professional.

One of the services that Living Dementia Consulting offers is Private consultation. This individual consultation can be arranged at any time and establishes a safe forum for clients to explore a range of caregiving issues in the context of a collaborative, one-on-one relationship. Gwendolyn engages with clients to deepen their understanding, explore feelings, assist them to develop strategies, and feel empowered in care.

Private consultation can begin with individual or family sessions, depending on the needs of the client. Assessment of the current situation generally can be accomplished in one or two sessions. Each session is one hour in duration. Longer sessions can be scheduled to accommodate those who might be traveling some distance. Clients discover that these initial sessions are invaluable in providing direction and guidance.

Caregiving Topics

Some of the critical caregiving topics that clients have found useful include:

  • mutual communication
  • responsive behaviors
  • maintaining independence
  • understanding the journey
  • lifting the disease
  • maintaining a healthy brain
  • safety at home
  • family visitations
  • preparing for transition
  • dining experience

Gwendolyn is available to discuss these and other topical issues with you during a one-on-one consultation. Gwendolyn’s quiet confidence and calming energy inspire her clients to feel empowered in care. Clients are warmly invited to join Gwendolyn in a safe, respectful, collaborative working relationship.