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The Living Dementia approach is designed to assist management, staff, and family members in understanding the Living Dementia Approach to delivering person–centered care. The recommended steps of the 5–A Personhood Model are comprised of five distinct elements required for a successful training solution:

5–A Model

  • Assessment
  • Approach
  • Accommodate Needs
  • Activate Plan
  • Adjust Environment


Step 1— Meet with senior management to insure support for the program throughout the initiative, to align the program with the overall objectives and to determine the desired outcomes. The key question is to address what type of help will the organization best benefit from? This assessment will develop a realistic operational plan over an agreed time period.


Step 2— To establish the performance gap between actual quality of life exhibited and desired outcomes.
Step 3— Prepare and deliver a qualitative observational report on the findings and outline the “gap” between the desired and the current state, and provide learning and development recommendations, time frames and expected costs of providing a learning solution.

Accommodate Needs

Step 4— Develop highly focused and customized classroom education, “Person Centered Dementia Care” for your staff.
Step 5— Deliver an inspiring motivational launch event for managers and key staff. This is intended to set out the vision of quality of life in dementia care today.

Adjust Environment

Step 6— Prepare an action project for each manager to develop their service; this requires managers to focus on and measure improvements in quality of life for people with dementia.
Step 7— Deliver positive dementia education workshops for both family and professional care partners.

Activate Plan

Step 8— Develop follow-up practice and application opportunities, with proper coaching, to insure program implementation and accountability.
Step 9— Meet with leader(s), on an ongoing basis, to provide coaching support, review individual learning progress of the team and make adjustments.
Step 10— Meet with senior management to evaluate overall program outcomes and make adjustments, as well as develop recommendations for further team development.

This final step is critical to increase positive social interactions, develop motivation, and achieve sustainability.

We look forward to discussing with you Our Approach on how to achieve the Living Dementia Approach at your care setting.