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Case Studies

Over the past 20 years, the author has compiled a wealth of practical and clinical experiences in dementia care and has produced the following valuable case studies for use by caregivers. These case studies provide creative solutions for caregivers in dementia care.

Where Am I

How the environment enhances care for persons with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

IT IS BEDTIME AT TICK TOCK MANOR, things are done right on time at Tick Tock Manor. Contrary to a sleepy thought, one hears Sam down the long corridor, shouting “Help, help, help.....” When the caregiver approaches Sam, “What’s wrong Sam?”

“I want to go home,” cries Sam. He is sitting in his wheelchair, staring at the “EXIT” sign.

Here comes Elsie, doing her wheelchair shuffle, up and down the long hallway. When asked if she is ready for bedtime, Elsie replies, “I am looking for my pet doggie, have you seen him?“ She adds, “My doggie is lost on this long road.”


Wish You Were Here

One wife shares coping strategies as she navigates Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease with her husband.

I am sitting in the restaurant having lunch with my husband, Howard. But Howard’s not here.

We ordered our lunch; Minestrone soup (Howard’s favorite), Caesar salad, a nice panini bread, and tea. Howard excused himself, “I have to go to the bathroom Dear.”

“Alright,” I responded. The soup came; I didn’t want to start without Howard, but I was hungry. I finished my soup, still no sign of my husband. The salads arrived, still no Howard. The food items have taken on a secondary importance.


Bathing Sparky

. . . a dog provides creative solutions for bathing a person with dementia

Peter was 13 when he had his first dog, 18 when he worked in the lumber camps, and 20 when he married. Peter, now 74, is pacing up and down the hallways of Tick Tock Manor where he is a resident. Peter always paces on this day, because today is Peter’s bath day.

Things are done right on schedule at Tick Tock Manor. The caregivers never forget Peter’s bath day. Even more amazing, is that, although Peter has dementia, he never forgets the bath day either.

This morning is different however. Peter is clutching a small book close to his chest. When the caregiver approaches him to offer to assist Peter with his bath, he becomes agitated and walks off quickly in the other direction. Any further mention of bathing sets Peter off in an angry outburst.